About Us

Robert Brinkmann is a Washington attorney whose focus is on postal, media, and related issues.  He is one of the nation’s foremost postal authorities, and currently serves as the Chair of the American Bar Association's (ABA) Postal Matters Committee. 

Mr. Brinkmann is Legislative Counsel to the League of Postmasters, which has represented America's postmasters since the late 1800s.  He also serves as outside postal counsel to Discover Financial Services and advises other mailing companies.  Full Profile.


Our Vision & Approach

Our vision is simple.  We strive to serve our clients by being the best at what we do, and doing it in the most creative, efficient, and effective way we can.

Our approach is always a tailored “first principles” approach.  We start with a thorough understanding of both the client's values and principles, and the “big picture” context in which they operate.

With this larger view firmly in mind, we deliver cost-effective strategies that take into account not only the client's strengths and weaknesses but also the political landscape in which the project will develop.

We are adept at integrating public relations strategies with government relations strategies.  We have used both traditional and innovative avenues of communications—including targeted web sites, editorials, and op-ed pieces in major newspapers—to successfully communicate our client’s message.

We get the job done—creatively, efficiently, and effectively.